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Omri Amar Seminar - Versatility in modern Tattooing - Sunday, June 11th 2023 - 12pm 

MTCC - Cost: $150  CDN

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Omri Amar Seminar
Sunday, June 11th 2023 – 12pm – MTCC - Cost: $150

Cost $150The total cost for the Omri Amar Seminar is $150 CDN

To reserve your seat attendees must make a $50.00 CDN deposit online with a major credit or debit card. Balance to be paid to the instructor at the seminar before admission.

Versatility in modern Tattooing

This Unique Live Seminar will be a great opportunity to learn Versatility in modern Tattooing. Omri Amar discusses the importance of exploring, studying and understanding the similarities and differences between the different styles of tattooing and working together to develop techniques and a better understanding of Tattooing as a whole.

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