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How to book an appointment with an artist 

Booking with an artist

We cannot assist you with artist appointments for tattoos, do not email or message us to ask for our help. If you want to get tattooed and it is something small you may be able to find an artist to do it at the show. For larger custom work it is best to arrange an appointment via online resources.

We have changed the 2022 artist gallery to show thumbnails of the show’s tattooists. Click on any photo and you will go to a page with a full size photo of their work and links to their website, as well as social media sites Facebook and Instagram.  You can message them or email them via these links to ask for an appointment. If you want to get a quality custom tattoo then be prepared to do the work with your artist. The more of an effort you make to get a great custom tattoo and show the artist that is your intention then the more likely the artist will want to work with you.

Prepare reference for the tattoo, a description of the size, placement (where on the body) and what your budget is. Also have artistic or photo reference available or links to it. NOTE: DO NOT ASK ARTISTS TO COPY OTHER CUSTOM TATTOOS.  This will not be something they want to do.  You can like a style, or an idea, and incorporate them into your tattoo, but asking to steal a custom tattoo is simply a stupid idea.

Lastly, this show is fun and a great place to meet fellow tattoo enthusiasts. That said the tattoo work is a professional work atmosphere and not a frat party.  Be rested, fed and in good health to get tattooed, AFTER you work hard getting tattooed then play harder, but not before.

We will be adding new artists and updates almost daily, so check back in often.  See you all at the show.