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Schedule and Information for the Toronto Tattoo Show / NIX 2024

2024 Contests


  • Signup at the Show, registration can be found by the stage.

  • Each entry is $10 * An artist can submit more than one tattoo and enter multiple categories.

  • Judging takes place at the Main Stage

  • A panel of judges will inspect each tattoo and select a winner for each category.

  • There is only one winner each day in the Tattoo of the Day Category.


  • Tattoo entries don’t have to be completed at the Show

  • The Tattoo of the Day must be done that day at the Show

  • Tattoo of the Show is a tattoo that was completed over the three days at the Show

  • Tattoo of the day and tattoo of the show must be started and completed at the Show

  • All other categories should either be fully healed or done at the show. 


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