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Archive of past art shows organized by NIX



When we started this show it was a gamble, as was it for many of the artists that have decided to take on tattooing as a career. What a crazy ride it has been. We have seen tattooing go from the fringes of society to reality TV fodder to inspire popular fashion and to make it’s mark on pop culture as indelible as the marks it makes on the skin.

So to commemorate our 21st Anniversary we are putting together the NIX 21 Blackjack deck. This limited edition deck of cards features artwork from many great tattooists that have been involved with NIX over the years.

Many have drawn posters for our convention in past years, or been involved in other art shows we have produced. They have each been assigned a card suit and have independently designed their own work without seeing the work of their fellow tattooists. We look forward to seeing the concepts this diverse group of talent comes up with. These limited edition decks will be produced for the artists and vendors attending the show and VIP’s attending the conference. We look forward to seeing you all at the 21st Annual NIX. - Damian McGrath