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Upcoming piercing seminars for the 2023 Toronto Tattoo Show / NIX  | Please check back often

Permanent Jewelry Seminar

Friday June 9th 2023 @ 4pm


Permanent Jewelry is gaining popularity in our industry and is a great way to increase your sales revenue. Sunstone Welders is the leading company in this new endeavour whose micro welders are making it simple and inexpensive to enter this market. With these welders you can also create your own specialized body jewelry and repair jewelry in almost any metal. Representatives from Sunstone will be here to teach this class and answer all you’re questions on entering this exciting new market.

Health And Safety: 
Cross contamination & Aseptic technique

Seminar by Jason Friday

Friday June 9th 2023 @ 3pm

COST: 25$


This class will cover all things health and safety in the piercing studio. Covering a range of topics such as A-septic techniques, cross contamination, glove use and PPE, needle stick prevention, scrub room etiquette, and more. This class is ideal class for those new to the industry or just looking to brush up on safe practices

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Gem Light Box Pro Class.jpg
Gem Light Box Pro Light Box Seminar

Friday June 9th 2023 @ 5pm


The GemLightbox Pro is an all-in-one jewelry photography light-box. It is outfitted with a professional lighting system for an optimal display of your jewelry’s dynamic colour range. Featuring a built in aerial turntable, the Gem Light Box Pro allows for incredible content creation with 360 degree views of each jewelry piece.


The plug and play technology allows for faster video and photo creation, providing studios with enhanced upload quality across all social media platforms. The Gem Light Box Pro app streamlines the process of cataloging your pictures and videos, along with it’s premier photo and video editing software.


This is a essential class for any studio looking to improve their advertising and marketing.

Disposables Class

Seminar by Ryan

Saturday June 10th 2023 @ 1pm


In this ever changing industry, one of the most efficient methods is the use of pre-sterilized, disposable tools. Stiletto Piercing Supply is by far the leader in this change.


This class will cover all the benefits of going disposable. The convenience and safety benefits are numerous, from eliminating the need to re process tools, purchasing expensive equipment, to expiration dates and lot numbers on each package for full traceability.


The use of pre-sterilized, disposable tools takes the pressure off the piercer and saving time and money, so they can focus on what you do best.

Disposable Piercing Class.jpg
Nobodies Perfect class.jpg
Nobody’s perfect, a soft approach to piercing mistakes

Seminar by Alex

Saturday, June 10th 2023 @ 2pm

COST: 25$

We have all been there. At times in your career mistakes will be made. In this class we will be discussing how to constructively approach when the work could be better and how to correct it in the future.


Maybe the angle wasn’t quite perfect? Or the position ended up not suiting a specific piece of jewelry? Unfortunately, it does happen. But it’s important to be soft on ourselves while also continuously trying to hold ourselves to a higher standard with continuous education.


Making mistakes can be difficult to handle, but we will cover many different approaches to help minimize discomfort and formulate the most productive course of action to keep clients coming back in the future.